Valcom Entertainment operates as a diversified entertainment company in the United States. Through its operating divisions and subsidiaries, the company creates and operates full service facilities that accommodate film, television and commercial productions with its four divisions comprised of Studio and Rental, Television and Film, Broadcasting, and Live Theater.

It is involved in the rental of studios for television production networks and syndication programming and motion pictures. In addition, it supplies and rents cameras, personnel and production equipment to various production companies. The company also leases sound stages, as well as owns a library of television content.

Further, the company produces television programs, motion pictures and live theater. ValCom, Inc. has participated in over 100 films, numerous Broadway shows, and thousands of episodes of television and its client list consists of all of the majors such as MGM, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, CBS, Sony, NBC, Phantom of the Opera, HSN, Family TV and more.

Strategic Business Plan – ValCom will capitalize on these opportunities by providing distribution and production in a low-risk, cost-efficient manner. The Company will be differentiated from the major studios by its ability to maintain a low overhead and cost structure, its ability to be attentive and responsive to client broadcasters, and by its commitment to undertake only those projects that have sound business prospects and attractive profit potential.

The Company is answering a worldwide need. The last decade has seen a growing appetite for film and television product. With recent consolidation in the entertainment industry, corporate pressure on broadcasters has intensified to acquire inexpensive but entertaining product in order to cut costs and improve the bottom-line.

To capitalize on this exploding market, ValCom manages a state-of-the-art studio facility in Clearwater, FL with multiple sound stages and office space in Las Vegas, NV. It also includes production equipment and production logistic support. By utilizing its studios and equipment, the Company will create a prominent independent studio facility and will be in the premiere position to produce and distribute programming economically.

Founder (and former President and CEO) Vince Vellardita said, ”With the various means, individuals get their entertainment. I have no doubt that ValCom will succeed financially. There are so many different outlets for creative programming… that the growth is just unthinkable as to where we can go…at any time, the Company can explode”.

Valcom Movie Studios

ValCom, Inc. manages and operates a new Tele-Production Center in Clearwater, Florida, known as “the new haven” for many productions, having more Television Networks than any other city in the United States. Using only the best cameras for video production and combined with this multi-million dollar state of the art facility in Florida, we make great films and syndicated shows for all the major film studios and television networks.

It houses three sound stages, a Broadcast Center and is continuously booked.

ValCom offers several flexible studio configuration options. Our digital control rooms and studios are perfectly suited for music video productions, commercials, television programs, industrial and training productions, direct response, media and satellite tours, webcasting events and videoconferencing. Our digital multi-track recording studio is perfect for music productions and our animation division works in tandem with the post production facility to create the perfect ending to your project. From Pre to Post Production the ValCom digital production hub is complete with all the amenities and personnel to make any production successful.

This Tele-Production Center will allow the company to nurture and develop many additional valuable projects in a truly efficient in house environment. ValCom’s success is fueled by an elite team of experts in each of their fields that have the ability to skillfully serve third party needs as well as their own. ValCom controls its destiny and profitability from start to finish by overseeing its entire Production pipeline through its film, music studios, motion pictures, Television distribution, and live theater.

Valcom Entertainment Live Theatre

ValCom’s Live Theatre Division is responsible for bringing live theatre and concert events to fruition. With locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Clearwater, Florida, ValCom has the nationwide exposure and expertise to produce Las Vegas type shows and Broadway type performances. President and CEO, Vince Vellardita, a connoisseur in the entertainment industry, has produced and promoted over 200 live events and concerts with some of the biggest acts in the world. He has also produced a Presidential Campaign, Super Bowl Events and Broadway Theatre and Las Vegas shows.

Other events produced by the Live Theatre division included several concerts of the Beach Boys, Barry Manilow’s Red Carpet event, and Kool and the Gang’s July 2005 production at the Coors Amphitheater in Denver producing a high-definition TV Broadcast for Europe and Home DVD. Over the last 30 years Mr. Vellardita has produced or promoted many performances with many credits to his name such as: U2, Loretta Lynn, Duran Duran, REM, The Jam, Carlos Santana, and more….

We also work with up-and-coming talent and helping them with their careers and aspirations to become next big Hollywood star.

In 2006, ValCom presented the Superbowl pre-game Rap Bowl Event which included the talents of Young Jeezy, Academy Award Winner Ludacris, Juvenile, Jueiz Santana, and Twista who performed at the highly anticipated
“Rap Bowl” party located at The Palace of Auburn, this mega-event headlining the chat-topping rap artists became the most sought after concert in Detroit.

In 2010, Valcom through its subsidiary Valencia Entertainment; produced a star-studded live theatre event based on Michel Legrand and his music that occurred at the MGM Grand’s Garden Arena in Las Vegas and featured a line-up of major international recording stars. The event was hosted by Jon Voight and Jennifer O’Neill and Michel Legrand conducted a 66-piece orchestra and included guests such as George Benson, Dionne Warwick, Andy Williams, Patti Page, Steve Lawrence, Melissa Manchester, Jerry Lewis . The two-night shows paid musical tribute to come of Legrand’s Academy Award-winning MGM movies including “Yentl”, “Thomas Crown Affair” and “Summer of 42”. The superstar extravaganza was also captured on film for a made-for-TV-Special which aired on PBS.

Film & Television

ValCom is fueled by an elite executive team of experts in each of their fields. ValCom’s motion picture and television Division focuses on creating a range stream of motion pictures made for Television Movies and Television projects with worldwide commercial appeal, low risk, in a cost efficient manner.


The documentary Michel Legrand Is Music produced by Art Plus Film Television Inc., and Valcom with Executive Producer Vincent Vellardita includes commentary by Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones, Petula Clark, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Ginnette Reno, Patti Austin, Brian Stokes, song writer Alan Bergman, Sheldon Harnick and Carol Connors. It is narrated by Jon Voight. The documentary is a tribute to the musical genius and the artists’ friendship for Michel Legrand. Legrand, 77, produced many popular songs and over 200 film scores and songs.

He won three Academy Awards for The Thomas Crown Affair, Yentl, and Summer of ‘42. Michel Legrand Is Music is filmed in HD for theatrical release, television broadcast in the U.S. and internationally, first on cable or pay TV and then on public television. The Documentary was submitted for an Academy Award nomination. It previewed in a New York and Los Angeles. Along with the performances and interviews of the artists mentioned above the foreign DVD edition will include additional commentary from Charles Aznavour, Yves Duteil, Serge Lama, Nana Mouskouri, Georges Moustaki, Michel Fugain and Gerard Lenorman.

Ultimate Driver

Ultimate Driver …Cars and Women rank #1 and #2 according to every poll of men’s interests over the past 50 years. NASCAR® is the most watched spectator sport in the country. Street racing has been the subject of a number of popular Hollywood films. Now, one television series satisfies every man’s secret fantasy… to take the wheel of a souped up hot-rod, hit the track, and prove their stuff in a series of races and high performance tests against the best drivers in the U.S.! Start your engines and watch your ratings take off with this highly desirable advertiser-friendly series today!


Fuhgedabowdit is a pilot for a potential situation comedy set around a New York crime family boss who is stepping down to pursue his lifelong dream, which is to sing. He has to choose between his three children as to who will take over the “family business”. The eldest boy is a cross dresser who owns a flower shop and has no interest in the “business”. The youngest boy is a Harvard MBA graduate and wants to pursue a career as a CEO and CFO of an Internet company. The only child willing and able to take over is the beautiful daughter, but “how can she be a made guy when she ain’t even a guy?”

The New Zoo Revue

Coming right at you! Since 1971 these words have brought smiles to the faces of millions of kids… many of who are now parents themselves. The positive messages and entertaining life lessons of The New Zoo Revue are as important today as they were thirty years ago… if not more so.

Join the adventures of Freddie the Frog, Henrietta Hippo, Charlie the Owl, Doug and Emmy Jo as they celebrate the triumphs and meet the challenges of a child’s everyday life with laughter and song. Whether meeting these characters for the first time or renewing old friendships, The New Zoo Revue is the place to be for family fun!

In the House with Shari Layne

65 1/2 hour episodes of an exciting, motivating, and educational “Health and Fitness” television series for both broadcast and cable. The show, which is hosted by “Shari Layne” Edwards is not just another Fitness show. The show reaches all demographics, from children, to teens, to the elderly and special populations; and she uses her Masters degree in Exercise Science, 11 years of training/teaching and athletic talent as an “All-American” collegiate track star to help reach them all. Shari will educate her audience on hot topics with hot tips, while leading them in fun, innovative, and informative workouts without gimmicks, just real info and lot’s of fun! Her workouts are bio-mechanically sound, yet systematically sensational!

Shari’s unique ability to communicate, motivate and understand what her audience wants, feels, and needs is what will take this show over the top! She’s hot, she’s new, and she’s on a mission to change the world through health and fitness, and she knows just how to do it. Shari’s coming your way.


MyFamilyTV is the flagship network of Valcom. The eight-year old programming service features the best in family programming to 39 Million people across the United States through Broadcast Affiliates, Satellite distribution and IPTV. Formerly FaithTV, MyFamilyTV is a network created for America’s families.

And we continued to build our network to satisfy our growing audience.

A seasoned team of veteran broadcasters has developed and acquired programming designed to entertain, educate and edify. Nearly half of MyFamilyTV’s programming consists of family movies and daily children’s programming. Our children’s block will feature programs like A.J.’s Time Travelers, New Zoo Review and Adventures in Odyssey. The movies include both treasured classics and recent releases like: Left Behind Part 1 and 2, Civil War Stories even the animated version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Around the World in 80 Days. MyFamilyTV has inspirational programming designed to enhance family values and build character.

Along with movies and kid’s programming, MyFamilyTV showcases documentaries, biographies, comedy, drama, sports, outdoor, recreational and travel programs, and featured throughout the day, will be Lifestyle tips on a wide array of issues including: health, relationships, child care, finances, beauty, fashion, cooking, trends, and great buys. The marketplace for satellite services is estimated at $3.5 billion. This is a growing business with expanding markets in both government services and broadcaster industries. ValCom has laid the foundation to launch a solid network. It now has major fixed and mobile teleport facilities, satellite engineering and service operations which service both third parties with major contracts with international and local broadcasters, and sport organizations. In addition to the Clearwater teleport hub, ValCom also owns 45% of KVPS Channel 8 in Palm Springs, California.

With news coverage and sports coverage continuing to expand and fragment, there is continuing demand for local market satellite services and ValCom’s group is continuing to find increasing business as a sub- contractor for larger services. With an impeccable reputation, its group is established in manufacturing and engineering. Competitors, clients and customers know that ValCom’s groups has the technological expertise and is one of the few groups that specializes in niche markets to both build and operate mobile and fixed satellite stations. It also continues to hold long- term multi-year contracts for the uplink of various 24 hour networks from its fixed earth station at ValCom Studios in Clearwater.

From a broadcast view, our Clearwater facility houses uplink satellite trucks for on location shooting, a complete satellite farm that can broadcast live radio and television around the world 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This Tele-production broadcast facility is in the premiere position to produce and distribute programming economically via DS3 lines, Internet, Radio, and Television Broadcast. These facilities provide services for ValCom’s own network needs and production and requirements.