(Founder and former CEO)

Vince Vellardita (founder and former CEO), utilized his 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and successfully turned Valcom, into an Independent Entertainment Company having a 275 million dollar market cap. Mr. Vellardita strategically led the Company in acquiring property and studios in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs.

These entertainment studios combined consisted of 20 sound stages with back lot at 350 thousand sq. ft. on over 20 acres of land. He has been very instrumental in acquiring 170 films, 10 TV series, millions of dollars worth of equipment, and an ownership of a TV station KVPS Palm Springs. ValCom has maintained long-term contracts with Paramount Pictures CBS’s series “JAG” and “NCIS”, and Walt Disney’s Sabans “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. Mr. Vellardita has consulted with Broadcasters and Studios all over the world and continues long-standing relationships throughout the entertainment industry.

Mr. Vellardita began his career in 1977 as a fast-paced music producer and promoter of over 200 live events and concerts with some of the biggest acts in the world. He also produced a Presidential campaign, Super Bowl events and Broadway Theatre and Las Vegas shows. In 1987, Mr. Vellardita bought his first TV station in Nashville and built it into a television network with over 35 TV stations servicing over 9 million households, housing multiple sound stages and edit bays, as well as increasing revenues by bring in national accounts to this network.

With Mr. Vellardita’s diversified background and successful track record in Nashville, he relocated to Los Angeles and developed independent productions studios and focused on film and television from building the sound stages to all aspects of deal making, as well as luring some of the biggest names in the television and motion picture community, including Paramount, Warner Brothers and Disney. Mr. Vellardita’s excellent reputation in the entertainment industry allowed him to maintain a 95% occupancy rate while being involved in the production of several thousand episodes of television and hundreds of films.