New Trends in Filmmaking Stem From Technology

In recent years, many more movies have been erupting that are done through digital animation, and more advanced computerized graphics. These new methods of improving on-screen scenes have given the movie-going experience many new attributes. Much of this new technology has allowed for much more realistic action scenes, making movies more exciting all around.
Another common and popular trend is the making of books into movies.

The Harry Potterâ„¢ series are one of the best selling book series, and was soon followed by some of the largest blockbuster hits. There have been many books turned movies over the years, but with the latest advances in cinematography, the availability of instruments to really bring to life some of the most descriptive action scenes has made for much better filmmaking in the more recent years.

One up-and-coming trend seen quite frequently lately is the rise in horror films. Many new films with the blood and gore theme, along with a twisted story plot, has been seen much more often in the past few years than has been in years preceding. It may be the demand by the consumers who seem to love getting these cheap thrills, but the movies are making millions none-the-less.

Saw and Saw II were huge blockbuster films that were seen around the nation taking the movie goers by storm. They were movies that had amazingly twisted plots with many unexpected turns, and it brought back the consumers for more. With endings that were so unpredictable, leaving you jumping out of your seat, it’s no wonder that the producers have come out with yet another of these heart pumping action thrillers.

The trends that have developed in filmmaking are driven by the consumer’s response and demand. The people as a whole are the ones who determine which movies were ones that we’d like to see more of, and which ones we didn’t like as much. The animated movies that were driven toward more of a younger audience have been enjoyed so much by the adults accompanying the youngsters, that there is now much more adult driven humor in them as well.

Movies that are full of action and excitement, leaving the viewer wanting more, has drawn out many more sequels, and restorations of movies previously released years ago. As long as there is still an audience for movies, there will always be new movies see, and the advancements in the abilities to create even more true to life action scenes will continue to expand, as well as the writer’s ability to keep you coming back for more.

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